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Case Studies: Case and Questions

Case Studies: Case and Questions


You are dispatched to the home of a man who is said to have fallen from an one-story roof. You discuss the call with your partner en route and come up with four probable scenarios:

  • c-spine/head injury
  • multiple fractures
  • underlying medical problems
  • impaled objects

You arrive and find a 47-year-old male who is being attended to by his wife on the back patio. She is propping him up into a sitting position. He has extreme shortness of breath, is conscious but tired, and his skin is pale.

Chief Complaint/MOI
Shortness of breath, fell 14 feet onto a patio

Labored, at 30 breaths/min, he is in obvious respiratory distress.

Radial pulse is present, but weak

Mental Status
Concious, but appears tired. He remembers striking a tree branch on the way down

Skin Signs

Obvious Trauma
His only obvious injuries are a minor head laceration and a wound on the left anterior portion of his chest, which he is covering with his right hand. Blood is visible from under his hand

Is the patient Sick or Not Sick?     SickNot Sick


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