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Case Studies: Case and Questions

Case Studies: Case and Questions



Your unit is sent to an auto vs. pedestrian incident involving a 5-year-old female, who is down.
En route, you and your partner discuss three potential inury scenarios:

  • Multi-system trauma with internal injuries.
  • Trapped under a car
  • Massive head injury and multiple wounds


You arrive at the scene and see the girl, who was knocked down by a vehicle that was slowly pulling out of a parking stall.

Hit by slow-moving car, minor MOI

The patient is sitting in the parking lot, crying. She responds appropriately to your voice and follows simple commands. She has small hematoma on her forhead

Normal with no audible airway sounds

Circulation/Skin Signs
Her skin is warm and pink, her CRT is less than 2 seconds, her heart rate is 110 beats/min,, and her blood pressure is 90mm HG/palp


Is the patient Sick or Not Sick?     SickNot Sick


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